Dedicated Artificial Intelligence

What Is Artificial Intelligence?

The concept of Artificial Intelligence or AI promotes the ability of reaching decisions without requiring the intervention of a human input. AI can interpret past data and adjust its behaviour accordingly to maximise its effectiveness. This means that once the system is fed with a good number of past records and the output in each case, AI can find the results of any new inputs without the need for an external decision maker (human or otherwise).

Dedicated Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence In Higher Education

Even a decade ago the concept of ‘artificial intelligence’ was considered as since fiction, a concept or thought and not much as a reality. Today we have the usage of this so-called fiction concept in practically every aspect of our life from movies to shopping and more. So it seems a likely projection that AI will be involved in education as well. With software’s conveying a child’s thinking abilities to learning apps, AI has paved its way to the field of education.

When it comes to higher education AI is involved in the areas of counselling, instruction and learning and most recently in student enrolment procedures. YUF has utilised the concept to gain access to a much-needed arena of international student recruitment that is German university admissions. We have developed a system that automates the evaluation process and then supports the consecutive application and admission procedures from the viewpoint of the student and independently from the system established by the respective Higher Education Institutions.


Advantages / Benefits

Predictability of admission chances to universities

Easier access to the Higher Education system of the German speaking countries in the middle of Europe.
A system that continues to develop and optimize itself by the input and feedback of its former successful users.
Cutting-edge technology combined with the individual experiences and hints of your peer group.