The all time saviour Google will most definitely churn out a long list of suitable programs when you search for it online. However, the big question is out of all the suggestions which program is worth applying? This is where YUF (YourUniFinder) comes in handy. YUF structures the available information for you in clear lists where you can easily get an overview, mark and manage your favourite options and – directly ask us to assist you with your application.

Regular study portals offer you only lists of courses with rankings, according to quality or where many students went. This means that schools that do not have so many international students but might offer excellent quality of teaching are not even mentioned in these rankings, but might be the best individual choice for you.

Many international students apply only to schools in cities they already heard of – Berlin, Vienna, Frankfurt, Zurich to name but a few – but if all the students do that, admission to these schools gets less probable.

We developed YUF / assistED to predict for you to which school it is worth applying if you want the best chances for admission. We analyze the large amount of successful admission data of higher education institutions to predict to which universities you are likely to be admitted with your personal qualification record.

This gives you a much better orientation to which university you should apply – there are dozens of universities, many of them in places you have never heard of, which offer excellent quality programs, but are in internationally unknown places.

One important effect of our AI module is that all of your applications will be distributed more evenly around the regions in the countries. The countries do not consist only of the famous capitals such as Berlin, Munich, Hamburg and Vienna but there are many regions that actually offer excellent institutions and education but due to demographic reasons severely lack students. Your admission chances are a lot higher here!

Our AI system integrates these local factors and thus provides a customized list of study program suggestions that could not be produced by any other tool or data base.


The advantage of the academic structure of the public universities in German speaking countries is obvious. You find a huge variety of high quality study programs with little or no tuition fees. But some disadvantages of the structure can be identified:

In opposite to universities for example in the US or in the UK which charge high tuition fees but offer a lot of service to students during the application process, often not much service is offered to international applicants at German, Swiss and Austrian Universities.

International applicants are very welcome and wanted thanks to internationalization efforts and ambitions, but they are in this case no crucial financial factor for the schools as they do not bring with them a high amount of tuition fees.


German Universities have organized most of the application procedures for international applicants via the institution Uni-Assist. This is a great institution, but created for the assessment of huge amounts of applications each season. That’s why there is often little space for individual consultancy – as well as for the acceptance of little formal mistakes that can happen. The same is valid for the small units in the respective Austrian and Swiss units in ministries or universities that verify the international applications.

Often it is like that – you have got one chance, and if you miss it because one stamp is missing, one paper does not meet the requirements, one deadline is gone? Then you‘ll have to wait with your application for a free-of-tuition-fees excellent academic program till the next year.

This is our exclusive service offer for you: YUF supports you throughout the application process. Our application expert team will not rest until they make sure that your application reaches the universities of your choice – formally perfect and always in time!

Hassle-free application process – you chose your study programs with our prediction, and we do the rest – piling and pre-checking your application documents, guiding you through deadlines, even sending the copies for you – just chose one of our service packages.


Your chances to get admission to one or more of the universities of your choice are very high if you rely on us – both on our cutting-edge AI fed tool assistED for your choice – and on our admission support expert team during the application process.

Enroll in one of Europe‘s excellent academic environments and benefit from high-quality higher education, living conditions and very positive prospects on your future career and life.

Become part of our network and consult fellow students about your key to success that started already during the application process.

Become part of our network and consult fellow students about your key to success that started already during the application process.