Acknowledged world over as one of the most beautiful country, Switzerland is quickly becoming known for its high education standards and its advancements in ground breaking research and development.

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Study In Germany

Located in the heart of Europe Germany is renowned world over for its diverse landscapes and exciting cities. Germany is the third most popular study destination, beaten only by the USA and the UK.

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Study In Liechtenstein

Liechtenstein is located between Switzerland and Austria and is one of the smallest countries in Europe.

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Study In Luxembourg

Luxembourg is a small mostly rural European country, surrounded by Belgium, France and Germany. The region is mostly dense Ardennes forest, nature parks and rocky gorges.

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Study In Austria

Austria is a landlocked country located in the southern part of Central Europe. Its capital city Vienna is also its largest city.

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Study In Switzerland

Acknowledged world over as one of the most beautiful country, Switzerland is quickly becoming known for its high education standards.

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Why Study In Switzerland?

One of the major attractions of Switzerland education are the high standard, excellent research facilities and of course the internationally recognised degrees. Added to that is the low cost of living and study for students in Switzerland and the high probability of scholarships and state funding. A Switzerland degree, especially in the engineering, trade and medical field will give a student incredible employment opportunities on the Switzerland and international market.

During your studies you can profit from a good network of student housing, extra-curricular activities and internship opportunities in Switzerland companies. You are also allowed to work with your student visa. International students can work part-time (120 full days or 240 half days) during their studies also as a non-EU national.

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YourUniFinder or YUF for short is a specially designed website that supports students through their international higher education journey, especially to universities offering FREE education in Europe.

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Choosing to study abroad is a decision that requires a lot of thought. Once decided you require a trusting and knowledgeable support system that can direct you through the ardours journey of Austria education with ease. However, such things are easily said than done. Finding an efficient and dedicated mentor can prove to be quite a challenge when it comes to the admission procedures. Often consultants face major road blocks in getting the correct information at the right time.

Let YUF help you make this a hassle free experience. Start by creating your profile with us and feed in all your information accurately and in detail. Then sit back and let us help you find your ideal university that will match your educational proficiency as well as cater to your future goals. The system ensures that you do not wonder about the possibilities of admission but get a definite picture as to which specific universities you are eligible and how you can proceed with the admission process.

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