Student internship within the organizational unit CARGO in the company AIR SERBIA


Students of basic and master studies at the University of Belgrade from the Faculty of Transport and Economics are invited to apply for a student internship at Air Serbia, within the CARGO organizational unit.

In this invitation, positions are opened for students of the Faculty of Transport and Economics.

Applications last until July 20, 2021 through the portal, where students need to register in the Student Zone, upload their CV and select the internship they want to apply for from the Practice Database.

The internship will last for 3 months starting in mid-August 2021.

Over 150 students have gone through the Air Serbia student internship program in the last five years, and some have been given the opportunity to stay in it. Join them!

Student internship at Air Serbia, from 2021, will be realized on the basis of a strategic partnership with the University of Belgrade in the field of theoretical and practical development of individuals and participating institutions, as one of the activities for cooperation, including guest lectures, company visits etc.

More detailed descriptions of the practice are available on the website of the Center for Career Development.

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