New portal to the University of Excellence launched


Who benefits from the projects of the Hamburg University of Excellence, what funding measures are there and who can apply for them? This is shown by the new portal with explanatory videos and a search engine.

Due to Universitat Hamburg’s status as a university of excellence, students, researchers and the public benefit from various projects that are funded by the federal and state excellence strategy. For example, the fast-track program helps outstanding students to do a doctorate directly after their bachelor's degree. And as part of the Advanced Fellowships , not only excellent guest researchers can live and research in Hamburg, but also artists.

Interested parties can follow the development of the University of Excellence in the new portal. The focus is on more than 20 projects in the categories of research , teaching , transfer , internationalization and research infrastructure. Articles from the Universitat Hamburg newsroom are linked on the respective pages, so that the path covered by the University of Excellence becomes clear.

Explanatory videos on the topics of the Excellence Strategy

The portal also includes videos presenting the different topics of the Excellence Strategy. In the film about projects in the field of research , Alissa Drees, for example, reports how the Fast Track program supports her with her doctoral project on the disease cystic fibrosis. She is a doctoral student at the Institute of Food Chemistry and is one of the first to be funded in this program.

The video on projects in the field of teaching gives an insight into the lecture "Text Stadt Text". The student Annina Jaspers takes part in the module as part of the Studium Generale. Guest professor Stephan Porombka from the Berlin University of the Arts explains the goals of his unusual course, which does not take place in the lecture hall but in the streets of Hamburg.

Database facilitates the search for funding measures

Students and researchers who want to benefit from the funding of the Excellence Strategy will find a database with all available funding options on the new website. This can be filtered by target group, program and application phase. Interested parties can use the directory to find out when they can apply and what documents they need to submit.

Interested parties can also find out how the Excellence University networks with research institutions all over the world , what is going on in its four excellence clusters, or how the public can share knowledge gained at the university. The topics are just as diverse as the target group - so it's definitely worth a visit.

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