New podcast from the Faculty of Education starts, Let's chat about educational research!


The corona pandemic was not the first to show that educational science examines current issues and thus contributes to improving education and its institutions. However, the research itself sometimes remains incomprehensible to outsiders and does not always appear practice-oriented. What helps? We have to snap!

How can the multilingualism of children and young people in school be better used? What is education for democracy doing in the day-care center? How do young people learn with and about digital media? Where does inclusion succeed and where is there a need for action? The new podcast "Bildungsschnack" from the Faculty of Education at the University of Hamburg addresses these and many other questions. Once a month, scientists discuss socially relevant questions from the field of educational research.

In the first episode, Prof. Dr. Ingrid Gogolin and Luise Krejcik with Dr. Katrin Steinvoord on the research project "GeLeGanz" (design of learning environments in all-day primary schools). The two scientists are researching how all-day schools in Germany can become places with educational equity for all schoolchildren. They look at the positive examples that exist internationally and apply them to Germany. In a second step, together with practice partners, they want to start lighthouse projects and implement successful education in all-day schools. Curious? The interview can be found on the podcast website.

Individual projects in focus

The "Bildungsschnack" gives an understandable insight into everyday research and science. As a continuation of the “Research Project of the Month ", researchers from the faculty continue to scrutinize a specific project. In addition, in the future there will be a stronger focus on the transfer potential and the social relevance of the individual projects.

 "We chat with the scientists about the personal motivations with which they approached the respective research project and talk about the special situations that arose here. The 'Bildungsschnack' offers an interesting insight into how broad and varied the research activities of the Faculty of Education are,” says Katrin Steinvoord, the moderator of the podcast.

The "Bildungsschnack" is aimed at a large number of interested parties: at education professionals from practice, administration and politics and at people who would like to deal with various educational topics. Also to researchers themselves - from Hamburg and beyond.

Episode 2: Dealing with fake news

The topic of the second episode has also already been decided: Prof. Dr. With the research project CoMMiTTEd (Covid, Migrants and Minorities in Teacher Education: A Fake News Observatory to promote Critical Thinking and Digital Literacy in Times of Crisis), Silvia Melo-Pfeifer and Franziska Gerwers provide an insight into how schools and classrooms can contribute to Fake News - not only on the subject of Covid - to be recognized more quickly and how teachers can deal with this topic with their students.

All episodes are available on the faculty website and soon also on Spotify and iTunes.

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