Alternative internship program


Until September 12, 2021, the popular Alternative Internship Program of the SZTE Career Office is waiting for students to apply.

The SZTE Career Office and the SZTE Education Directorate jointly developed the non-compulsory, alternative internship program in 2015. The alternative internship program will be announced as a curricular, general education course at the faculties of the University of Szeged, thus ensuring integration into university education. (As an Alternative Internship Program, you can enroll in Neptune as an optional course worth 2 credits.)

The aim of the project is to provide SZTE students with the knowledge that is increasingly needed for employment and can be acquired through work experience. The program is aimed at students who do not have a compulsory internship on the one hand, and on the other hand who would like to try themselves in several / other areas that may be less related to their own field but inspire them - as a kind of career orientation.

Why is this good for you as a student?

* You can gain practical knowledge and experience, which is a basic criterion in most job advertisements. You will learn about organizational and workplace culture.

* The internship program promotes the building and expansion of key relationship capital , without which it is difficult to thrive today. * Your competencies develop, you acquire new skills. You will receive confirmation that the area is really for you.

* You will be given a mentor who will help you gain experience with various tasks and help you with your feedback.

List of reception places:

Further details on the application can be found on the website of the SZTE Career Office.

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