Admissions Campaign-2021 at Minsk Radio Engineering College


July 3 - the last day of accepting documents on the basis of general basic education (9 classes) at the expense of the budget. Enrollment is carried out on the basis of the average score of the certificate of education. Competition for the most popular specialty "Information Technology Software" - 4.4 people per seat.

Also, recruitment was carried out for five more specialties: "Technical operation of radio electronic equipment", "Design and production of radio electronic equipment", "Programmable mobile systems", "Electronic computing equipment", "Micro- and nanoelectronic technologies and systems". For all specialties, there was a competition for more than one person per place. Enrollment will take place on August 9th.

Acceptance of documents for a paid form of training on the basis of 9 classes will continue until August 14 . Documents based on general secondary education (11 classes) for full-time and part-time budgetary forms of education can be submitted until August 12 inclusive, for a paid form - until August 17 .

On the basis of 11 grades, the enrollment system is different: if the competition for a specialty last year was higher than 1.5, the sum of the average score of the certificate and the results of two CTs (in language and mathematics) is taken into account upon admission. This year there are two such specialties: "Design and production of radio-electronic means" (budget) and "Software of information technologies" (paid form). Without a digital center, you can enroll in the specialties "Information technology software" (full-time budgetary and part-time education) and "Design and production of radio electronic means" (on a paid basis).

You can view the statistics of the submitted applications on the college website .

The admission campaign is also continuing at BSUIR:will last until August 9 . Enrollment will take place on 11 August.