Three ULiege international masters courses recognized by an EIT quality label


The European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT), created in 2008 by the EU to stimulate innovation in Europe through education and research, has awarded its quality label to seven international masters programmes, three of which involve the University of Liege (ULiege): EMerald, AMIS and AMIR. The University of Liege is the European university most involved in the international master’s programmes that have received the EIT label.

These master's programmes are taught in English and are aimed primarily at European students in science and engineering. They offer training in the fields of geo-resources, recycling and innovative materials, which are important issues for Europe in terms of sustainable development, the circular economy and access to resources. The EIT label includes strong requirements in terms of mobility, quality of education and entrepreneurship training.

The EIT is the third pillar of European research alongside the Marie Curie/ERC (European Research Council grants) and Horizon Europe programmes. Its particular mission is to organize KICs, Knowledge Innovation Communities, bringing together European actors from research, education, industry and business. The three master’s courses for which ULiege is recognized are supported by the EIT Raw Materials.

Rector Pierre Wolper (ULiege): "We must emphasise the interest of these international masters for the University of Liege. They enable us to offer high-quality training on innovative subjects with a rich content that we could not offer on our own. They also contribute to the internationalisation of our University through the contacts they involve and the presence on our campuses of students from an enriching diversity. ULiege's involvement in these programmes linked to an EIT KIC contributes to our international visibility and is a fine illustration of the strong link between our research and teaching."

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