The algorithm developed by the researchers makes quantum computers even more efficient


The new method dramatically shortens the execution time of quantum calculations.

Progress is being made in the field of quantum computing thanks to research collaboration between the University of Helsinki, Aalto University, the University of Turku and IBM's Zurich Research Center. A team of researchers has proposed a solution that will make quantum computers more efficient, faster, and ultimately more durable.

Quantum computers can potentially solve significant problems for which even the most powerful supercomputers do not have the capacity. At the same time, however, a whole new kind of programming and new algorithms is needed.

A team of researchers has developed a new way to speed up the computation of quantum computers. The results of the study were presented in the PRX Quantum journal published by the American Physical Society in the field of physics.

"Unlike traditional computers, which store ones and zeros as bits, a quantum processor stores data in cubits that represent the system's quantum state, or wave function," says Guillermo Garcia Perez, a researcher at the Department of Physics at the University of Helsinki. For this reason, special methods are needed to read the information in quantum machines.

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