Cooperation with Taiwanese Academic Partners


On the basis of a series of negotiations between the TUKE International Branch Campus (TUKE IBC) and Taiwanese academic partners, which have been taking place since August last year, two Memoranda on Cooperation were signed between Technical University of Košice and Thungai University in Taichung ( and Chung Yuan Christian University in Taoyuan ( Both universities offer a wide range of collaboration possibilities, from teaching Chinese in collaboration with our Department of Languages, cultural collaboration in dance and music, through a series of mobility programmes and summer schools, and also double diploma studies, internships in local laboratories and science parks related to R&D collaboration. Both universities are open to cooperation at the university, faculty, or department level, in individual form, and in the form of international teams. Those interested in such cooperation will have the opportunity to participate with their projects in the questionnaire that will be distributed by the IBC in the next academic year.

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