To master's studies - with various experience and skills


At the end of the last stage of admission to master's studies, Vilnius University (VU) has already admitted 1464 persons to master's and professional pedagogy studies, 1166 of them to state-funded places.

According to statistics, as many as 598 admitted persons graduated with a bachelor's degree a year or earlier and are enrolling in a master's degree after a break. VU Šiauliai Academy (75%), Faculty of Medicine (56%), Faculty of Economics and Business Administration (50%) and Kaunas Faculty (48%) received the largest number of entrants this year.

According to the VU Vice-Rector for Studies doc. Valdas Jask?nas, more and more often chooses to take a break after the first cycle of studies, but it can be beneficial for the university, students and society.

"Students who return to the master's degree after a break bring more life and professional experience, know more clearly what they want from their studies, place higher demands, which is very healthy for the university - this diversity of experience is a great incentive to move forward, find new solutions and feel the labor market dynamics. , - says doc. V. Jask?nas. - The return of students is a sign that they have an understanding of the value created by postgraduate studies, greater professional and financial opportunities. Various studies show that graduate students earn more, are more capable and more competitive. ”

According to the Vice-Rector, the more people with higher qualifications, the more culturally and economically capable the society is.

Another trend observed this year is that graduates who have completed their bachelor's studies abroad are returning to Lithuania to study for a master's degree. At Vilnius University, there are as many as 60 such.

"There is a clear motivation why young people with bachelor's studies go abroad - they want a different experience, a different environment, a different culture. Prospective students are challenging themselves, which is a very good and welcome thing. However, after leaving, they do not necessarily enter the most academically capable universities - new experience and an intercultural, different diversity environment are more important to them here, ”says Assoc. V. Jask?nas.

The vice-rector says that after gaining experience in the bachelor's degree, people start thinking about the possibilities of its realization, and there are many more of them in Lithuania, especially when it comes to starting.

"In Lithuania, we still have a lot of untapped opportunities or undeveloped areas. The satisfaction of starting effective and necessary projects from scratch in Lithuania is much higher than just becoming a part of a large organism abroad. Last but not least, the cultural space - here you feel safer and more comfortable than building life in a new environment from the beginning. Far from everyone can do it, ”he says.

This year, those applying for VU master's studies can choose from more than 100 study programs, two of which are new - art therapy (art therapy) at the Faculty of Medicine and high-tech business at the School of Business.

14 master's study programs are also offered by Šiauliai Academy, which has joined VU this year. It also invites the choice of 1.5 years of professional pedagogy studies leading to a teacher qualification. It can also be obtained at the Faculty of Philosophy by choosing one-year school pedagogy studies. It is possible to study at the same time in both master's and professional pedagogical studies in state-funded places, and to receive a monthly incentive scholarship of 300 euros.

Applications for admission to master's study programs are submitted in the VU information system by August 25.

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