New €2.8m project will seek insights into aging from pre-term births

  • University of Warwick research to investigate whether many age-related conditions are determined for us before we are born
  • Project received funding from European Research Council of 2,803,123 euros
  • In another ERC-funded project, physicists from Warwick will use NMR to study how the architecture of plant fibres changed over millions of years of evolution

New research at the University of Warwick will investigate whether many of the physical and psychological effects of aging are already determined for us by the time we are born thanks to new funding of 2,803,123 euros.

The European Research Council today announced the winners of its 2021 Advanced Grants competition. The funding, worth in total €624.6 million, will go to 253 leading researchers across Europe. Their work is set to provide new insights into many subjects, such as using mathematics to find better ways to use antibiotics and chemotherapy, how to protect the biodiversity of islands, exploring the Cosmic Dawn, and understanding how language sounds change over time.