EPFL introduces the new Bernoulli Center for Fundamental Studies


EPFL’s Bernoulli Center has now become the Bernoulli Center for Fundamental Studies, with a broader scope including theoretical computer science and theoretical physics. The Center’s focus will also be on education, outreach and on fostering collaborations within the EPFL campus.

The new Bernoulli Center for Fundamental Studies opened its doors in September. Housed in the GA building on EPFL’s Lausanne campus, the Center is headed by Prof. Emmanuel Abbé, holder of EPFL’s Chair of Mathematical Data Science, and aims to foster excellence and promote research in the fundamental sciences. “The most important scientific discoveries can be traced back to breakthroughs in the fundamental sciences,” says Prof. Abbe. “And these breakthroughs often lie at the crossroads of several different disciplines. That’s why it’s so important to nurture a synergistic ecosystem in the fundamental sciences right here on EPFL campus.”

An expanded management team

Until now, the Bernoulli Center supported research mainly in mathematics and related applications. But today, not only does it have a broader remit encompassing computer science and theoretical physics, it also has an expanded management team with professors from several EPFL schools and institutes. In addition to the director, the Center is now led by Maryna Viazovska and Philippe Michel (both from the Institute of Mathematics in EPFL’s School of Basic Sciences), Ola Svensson (from the Institute of Computer and Communication Sciences in EPFL’s School of Computer and Communication Sciences), and João Penedones (from the Institute of Physics in EPFL’s School of Basic Sciences).

Reference Link:https://actu.epfl.ch/news/epfl-introduces-the-new-bernoulli-center-for-funda/