Improvisation with the courage to work a course as Open University teaching 30.10. From


Are you excited about performing and are you afraid of being bullied? Would you like to develop your expression and interaction skills with a relaxed exercise course?

The improvisation course is suitable for anyone interested in developing their interaction skills

The Improvisation for Courage to Work course is organized as Open University teaching at the University of Turku on 30 October. - 31.12. The course includes four meetings on Saturdays and Sundays in October-November.

- The course is exceptional, as it increases a lot of self-awareness in a short time and increases self-confidence in a wide range of social situations. During the course, you get to try something that you are not yet and everything happens as if unnoticed alongside nice and communal activities, describes the course leader Johanna Novak.

- One of the important contents is the status expression, which describes the use of space and power in interaction: what it means and how it appears in everyday interaction situations. In addition to being an improvisation trainer, I also work at the university as a researcher of bullying, so in the course I will take bullying as an example of a misuse of power, Novak says. The exercises open up the mechanism of bullying and how everyone could intervene in it with their own actions, whether they bully themselves or someone else.

The course is part of teacher education studies and is suitable for those aiming to become a degree student, but also for anyone interested.

- I recommend the course to everyone, regardless of background: the course gives support for self-esteem and provides certainty for different social situations that everyone faces in their life - be it a customer service situation in the role of a customer, employee or supervisor or everyday interaction or making new friends.

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