Companies certify that studies are of the highest quality


Companies around the world value the graduates of the Technical University of Munich (TUM). This is shown by the new edition of the “Global University Employability ranking”, in which TUM is ranked 13th. It belongs to the top European quartet.

The ranking determines which universities, in the opinion of the companies, train the best graduates. For the current issue , around 11,000 managers in 23 countries who are recruiting international staff were surveyed. You work in various industries and in companies of different sizes. The ranking is compiled annually on behalf of the British magazine "Times Higher Education (THE)" by the French management consultancy emerging and the German market research company Trendence.

For years, TUM has been by far the highest rank among German universities. In 13th place, it is one of the four best universities in Europe, alongside the University of Cambridge (4th place), the University of Oxford (8th place) and ETH Zurich (11th place). It occupies the top position within the European Union.

Students are very satisfied

The students themselves are also very satisfied with the study conditions at TUM. In the most recent “CHE University Ranking” , which divides German universities into three groups in individual subjects, TUM has reached the top group dozens of times. The most important criterion is the assessment by your own students.

In international rankings, in which research plays an important role, TUM also regularly scores extremely well. Most recently, for example, it was one of the 25 best universities in “THE World University Rankings by Subject” in computer, engineering and natural sciences.

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