7 Countries Where Int’l Students Need Less Than $10K as Financial Proof to Get Visas

When applying for a student visa, international students are usually asked to submit evidence of sufficient funds in their bank accounts, to have their visas approved.
Governments require students to meet financial requirements, which vary depending on the country, to ensure students can support themselves for a specific period, Erudera.com reports. The following list shows seven countries where students must submit proof of funds but in modest amounts.

Country Estimated Financial Requirement (Per Year)
The Czech Republic $1,500 or €1,488
China $2,500 or €2,300
Italy $5,931 or €5,520
Singapore $6,175 or €5,745
Finland $7,560 or €7,034
Spain $7,680 or €7,200
France $7,930 or €7,380

Reference Link: https://erudera.com/news/7-countries-where-intl-students-need-less-than-10k-as-financial-proof-to-get-visas/