European university alliances reiterate call for long-term funding


EU-supported cross-border collaborations say their funding must be holistic and sustainable
The alliances formed through the EU’s scheme for financing cross-border university collaboration have reiterated their call for long-term support, as the bloc develops a new funding scheme for them.
Fifty alliances involving 430 higher education institutions are currently supported by the European Universities Initiative, which provides funding for collaborative projects including joint campuses and courses.
Following concerns from alliances about the funding they receive, the European Commission is now developing an “investment pathway” for the EUI that would combine EU, national and regional funding, and improve synergies between different EU sources.
But in a joint statement on 29 September, all of the 41 alliances that had been funded as of March 2022 reiterated a sentiment that they expressed then, that their funding should have a “clear vision for a long-term and holistic financial sustainable future”.

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