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The study of lawyers of the future will be based on the V (aleur) T (technology) C (collaborative) paradigm. The University of Luxembourg Competence Center supports studies and their employees in this development by offering targeted, coherent training in a format adapted to the current health situation.

In Luxembourg, as elsewhere, the legal world is today in the midst of a period of digital transformation. According to a report produced by COM'SG at the request of Day One, the law firm of the future will be digitized but will also have to know how to (re) structure its traditional processes. While the majority of professionals are well on the way to digitalization, there are sometimes important elements to master in order to complete this mainly structural transformation. These elements, strategic for each actor, all revolve around the following three axes: V (alue), T (technology) and C (collaborative).

Aware of the importance of this development, the University of Luxembourg Competence Center offers 100% digital training courses, specifically aimed at the development of key skills linked to these three axes:

The " Legal Design " training works on the Value axis. Available in 2 levels of expertise, it allows you to put the customer back at the center of your communication, to convey the right messages, to improve understanding of the content produced and to bring real added value in the drafting of your documents: practices that have now become essential to strengthen your image and your positioning.

The " Knowledge Management " training, also offered in 2 levels, focuses on the use of new technologies for sharing and making available legal information to enable you to establish a true culture of knowledge management .

With regard to the Collaborative axis, the " Legal Project Management " training addresses the fundamentals of project management using efficient tools and practical methodologies which will be invaluable to you in order to successfully pilot all your legal projects.

Do you want to improve your skills on one of these themes and prepare yourself today for the challenges of the future?

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