OBIGA: a Grenoble Alpes Biodiversity Observatory has been launched!

The preservation of biodiversity does not only concern rare species on the other side of the planet, it concerns all of us and everyone can contribute to discovering it and making it known close to home. This is the meaningful vocation of the Grenoble Alpes Biodiversity Observatory: OBIGA.
The project is based on the collection and centralization of naturalist data carried out in actions and by various audiences: informed walker, professional naturalist, confirmed associative naturalist or supervised student. OBIGA relies on the deployment of the GeoNature open source database management system (managed by OSUG), which generates a biodiversity atlas that can be consulted via the OBIGA website.Data collection is done via specific tools (traps, camera-trap, etc.) used by experienced people (students, teachers) and via smartphone applications ( Pl@ntNet and iNaturalist ) chosen for their ease of use. use by non-specialist audiences (automatic identification of species) and from which data can be automatically collected by GeoNature.