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YourUniFinder or YUF for short is a specially designed website that supports students through their international higher education journey, especially to universities offering FREE education in Europe. Universities in countries like Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Lichtenstein, Luxemburg, Italy, etc. offer FREE higher education to international students. However, the process is complicated with numerous procedures involved before, during and after the application submission. The information on these procedures are not available easily and the few website that do offer the information are complicated and difficult to comprehend.

This is where YUF comes to the rescue. With decades of experience in student recruitment and a network of well placed experts and contacts throughout the recruitment industry, we have built a rich knowledge base on admission criteria’s, visa process, documentation and more of a wide range of study destinations around the world. This means whatever is your choice of study program; if you aspire to study abroad for FREE then YUF can assist you in this endeavour from start to finish.

Our AI powered predication software is built with past data of original student records to these universities and can accurately predict the possibility of admission to universities offering FREE education. With that done you are now one step closer to your dream study program, all you need to do is get connected immediately with YourUniFinder!


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