It really comes down to understanding the steps in the process and then executing on those steps.


We provide an easy three step process to send university applications at cheaper cost.

Fill out the form mentioned on this page with your delivery details
The shipment company will send a delivery executive to pick up your documents at the time mentioned
Your document will reach the university within 4-5 working days and you will receive a confirmation of the same.

Blocked Account

A blocked account is a special form of a bank account. In order to deliver a so-called “proof of financial resources”, which is a necessary part of the visa requirements for many countries, a blocked account is one way to do so. With GSP you can get this done in just a few simple steps.

Step 1: Register Online with your details, we will verify the documents and once the process is completed you will receive your account details.

Step 2: You would need to make a Funds Transfer of a specific amount. Once the transfer has been accounted for your confirmation will be issued in 3-4 working days.


Insurance & Travel

Health Insurance

The German healthcare system is a structured system that aims to have comprehensive primary healthcare for the entire population. It is compulsory for students enrolled in state run or state recognised institutions to obtain a medical insurance.

Register by entering all the fields in the form mentioned. Once the registration is complete you will receive a confirmation via mail. On reaching Germany you would be required to update your address online and get the insurance card by post.

About Us
About Us

Travel Insurance

Student travel insurance safeguards the student against loss of baggage and personal belongings. It also allows the individual to make emergency purchases; the same also applies in case personal belongings are stolen during travel.

To acquire travel insurance you must first enter all details mentioned in the form on this page. Net step is to make the required payment. Once the payment is confirmed your travel insurance will be sent you via email instantly.


Studienkolleg is a form of preparatory courses for those willing to study at a university in Germany. If you are a high school graduate with a certificate not recognised by the higher educational institutions in Germany then this course will help you get into a German university.



e-Scheduler is conceptually a pool of agents, educators and students connected on a common communication platform to share and exchange information regarding international student recruitment.

A good communication system can be a perfect solution for these issues.

You don’t need to have an established international organization or a multinational corporation to implement a communication platform into your business model. With e-Scheduler you can essentially manage one-to-many, one-to-one, audio/video conversations, private chat and much more.

You can conduct a Webinar and invite a large number of participants from your existing list of clients. Through this online seminar you can promote your University (in case of Educators) or Service (in case of consultants) and encourage the audience to avail your services. The ‘private chat’ feature facilitates the participants to speak back to the presenter (if permitted by the presenter/moderator) in case he/she has any questions to ask.

The platform also facilitates a One-To-One session wherein Universities can conduct an online conference with agents or interview sessions with students. Even agents can use this feature to counsel students or to setup meetings with Universities.

Another favoured technique for Universities and agents to reach students is a student fair. e-Scheduler provides an option in this case called a Virtual Fair. A Virtual Fair offers many facilities such as:

  • 1. Pre-selection criteria based on diversity and quality
  • 2. Virtual education fair more convenient, real-time experience, well monitored
  • 3. You can decide the type of students in your booth

Internships (Praxis)

  • 1

    A consortium of higher education institutions, research labs, chamber of commerce and companies all committed to enhance a student’s project/internship experience.

  • 2

    Praxis is a European Centre for Project/Internship Excellence with over 64 partners across the globe and growing.

  • 3

    Once registered a student gets access to an enormous listing of projects and internships offered by top companies and institutions and can find information and support at every stage of their project/Internship as well.

  • 4

    GSP partners with Praxis to provide an easy and effective source of Projects/Internships for students thereby making it an ideal recruitment platform for all parties involved.

  • 5

    Being funded by the European Commission, Praxis offers a chance of exposure to best quality projects and internships which are otherwise considered out-of-the-way.

What can PRAXIS offer to Students?

  • 1

    Vast offer of Academic Projects and Internships that are being continuously submitted by many companies and higher education institutions all over the world.

  • 2

    Search facilities that will point you right to the Projects/Internships matching your concrete needs.

  • 3

    Valuable experiences and information allowing you to get the most out of your Project/Internship experience.

  • 4

    Big community of peers, all facing the same challenges.



One of the primary concerns when one travels to another country for an extended period of time is accommodation. The challenge is greater for a student who does this for his/her education. The reason being that the student would not be earning much if at all, added to that are the expenses for books, transport, food, etc and last but not the least the prospect of safety and accessibility. The student would need to find an accommodation that will meet the above criteria’s and yet not be too pricy as he/she would require to stay for 2 to 3 years depending on the program.