Evidential statistical probability of admissions from proven database records

When it comes to eligibility for free education, these countries do indeed offer it to all students irrespective of where they come from. Unlike many countries that provide this option only to their own nationals, Germany/Switzerland/Austria offer an exception to this case and offers tuition free education to Germans, Europeans and non-Europeans alike. This option is however restricted to public universities and extends to almost all courses and programs. Some continuous or graduate programs will charge tuition fees though, but in general affordable sums.

Your chances of being accepted will depend on your academic performance in the past and your formal eligibility. Internships, GMAT, GRE, work experience is always a plus, especially when applying for a post-graduate degree. However, every university has its own application procedure and requirements. Make sure that you hand in your complete application early.

Traditionally evaluating a student profile for a German university is a fairly laborious process. Students often find it a challenge to check their eligibility for German universities. It’s a common knowledge that the process of admissions to German schools is a lot more complicated that most universities. While the actual study spots in the programs might not even be restricted, the admission procedure itself is quite a threshold to your access to free and quality higher education.

The AI module of YUF helps you to analyse your educational profile by simply registering onto the portal and adding the required information. You can select your preferred universities and then submit your profile for evaluation. The modules use data and research obtained from decade long records of successful applications sent to German universities. The various deciding parameters are gauged based on the collected information and the detailed analysis is generated.

In order to receive a correct analysis, it is essential for you to submit all your details accurately. The module will tell you exactly what percentage chances you have in getting enrolled for your chosen program at a German, Swiss or Austrian university and also acceptance possibility of your preferred universities.

Though every university has its own set of criteria’s and admission procedures, the basic set of documents required and the formalities involved are common.

  • To start off you will definitely need authenticated copies of your high school/ university degree certificate with transcripts additionally sworn translations of your certificates.
  • You also require authenticated language certificates (German/ English)
  • A copy of your passport and CV are essential in this case

Additionally, you would require a few more documents depending on your program choice, your current educational background and your country of origin.

Always keep your originals with you! You might need to present them for registration at a university.

Good German language skills can help you feel more at home in German speaking countries. No prior German language knowledge is necessary if you enrol in an English-language degree programme, but you do need very good English skills.

The best thing is that most of the universities offer the possibility to learn German for the daily use of the language before or during the English taught study program in Germany. We recommend that you acquire theses German skills as it opens up for careers and the German job market, but stress that this is not a mandatory part of the study program / schedule.

The profile evaluation is the customary question in all the discussion groups and forums related to studying in German speaking countries. While it is natural that one could be anxious about their chances of getting an admission there is no ‘exact’ procedure for analysis of one’s profile which can make the entire experience of successfully passing an admission process difficult. There are scores of websites that offer information on free education abroad, but close to non that can give you a clear idea of whether your educational profile is suitable for the admission to a specific university offering free education in Europe. One of the main reasons for such a dearth in evaluation mechanisms is the lack of sufficient information and the in-depth knowledge in international admissions.

Our evaluation module is developed by applying Artificial Intelligence to a huge database of past student records of successful admissions to universities in German speaking countries in Europe. The database along with the networking capacities and admission experience has enabled and inspired us to develop a system that works seamlessly to provide answers to all your admission related queries to these universities.

The system requires a student to first create a profile with all their details including their educational records, entrance test information, work experience if any and so on. The student can also opt for a few priority universities for which the profile will be evaluated and they will receive a clear indication of the probability of their admission to each selected university.

Four steps

Student Application
YUF AI Module/ Assist ED
YUF Support Team
(Pre-assesses the application based on past admission records)
Probability of Admission To university