Full pot for Lund University's quality assurance of education


Lund University gets a full pot when the University Chancellor's Office, UKA, assesses the university's quality assurance work on the programs. This applies to education at all levels.

Since the autumn of 2020, the university has worked with the national higher education review that the University Chancellor's Office, UKA, carries out of the systematic quality assurance work in education at all levels. The review takes place every six years.

The assessment bases cover various issues related to quality, such as processes for follow-up, student support, regular reviews of educations and students 'and doctoral students' opportunities for influence over their education.

UKA gives Lund University the green light and a full pot on all 19 assessment criteria, something that few colleges and universities reach.

- All employees, doctoral students and students are worthy of praise for their knowledge and the commitment they show to develop the quality of education. We are very happy that UKA values ??and has confidence in the work that has been put in, says vice-rector Lena Eskilsson.

Each higher education institution and UKA has a joint responsibility for ensuring that the higher education institution's educations are of high quality. The higher education institutions design their own quality assurance systems and UKA has the task of ensuring that the university's quality assurance work fulfills the function it is to perform.

-Lund University has a very solid quality assurance work that has been going on for many years. Here are well-established processes for setting up new training programs and regular quality dialogues that form a good basis for continuing to develop other processes, says Vice-Chancellor Lena Eskilsson

The university review can result in three assessments: approved quality assurance work, approved quality assurance work with reservations or questioned quality assurance work. UKA has given Lund University the highest rating “approved quality assurance work” in all assessment groups.

- But that does not mean that we are satisfied. UKA points to some areas that can be developed and these are areas that we have also identified ourselves. It applies, for example, that the quality system for postgraduate education must be as thoroughly worked out as for undergraduate education, says Lena Eskilsson.

Reference Link:https://www.lu.se/artikel/full-pott-lunds-universitets-kvalitetssakring-av-utbildning