Portugal Golden Visa: Who Can Still Benefit From It & What Are the Rules


Previously, the Government of Portugal announced that it approved the ending of two Golden Visa routes as part of the “More Housing Program”; the termination of new residence permits for investment in housing and the option to transfer at least €1.5 million into a Portuguese bank account.
However, the program has not been put completely to an end, as there are still ways to get a Portuguese residence permit by simply investing in Portugal,  SchengenVisaInfo.com reports.
Upon the implementation of the new changes to the Golden visa scheme, there remain four routes of investment for getting residency in the country, as follows:
Investment amounts required Investment in a fund – half a million euros
A capital investment- €1.5 million
For Science and Research – half a million euros
Persons looking to create jobs will be required to invest half a million euros and also guarantee at least five new jobs
The proposal for new changes to the Golden Visa Program was introduced earlier this month by the Government of Portugal, and it was backed by the Assembly of the Portuguese Republic, with votes in favour of the Socialist Party, Bloque de Izquierda, as well as the Portuguese Communist Party.