TU Chemnitz, TU Dresden, HTW Dresden and the Fraunhofer IWU are together in the final of the future cluster initiative (Clusters4Future) of the Federal Ministry of Research. With their research and innovation strategy, they are applying for funding of 45 million euros. The aim of the researchers: humans and robots work more closely together in order to increase the competitiveness of trade and industry.

Does the trade need robots? Yes, say researchers from the three Saxon universities of Chemnitz University of Technology, Dresden University of Technology and Dresden University of Technology and Economics, as well as the Fraunhofer Institute for Machine Tools and Forming Technology IWU. Their vision: "Smart robotics for time-flexible, immersive and location-independent teamwork in trade and industry", in short: SmaRTHI. This makes it possible, for. For example, individual furniture production using remote-controlled milling robots that listen to voice commands - or the control and maintenance of production systems using multi-legged robots from the home office.

In order to make this vision of the future a reality, the network partners applied for funding from the future cluster initiative (Clusters4Future) of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF). In May of this year, your proposal was among the 15 finalists. Now they will receive EUR 230,000 from the future cluster for a period of six months in order to develop a research and innovation strategy. This strategy also includes plans for projects to develop smart robotics. If the association is successful with its strategy, it can be funded up to a sum of 45 million euros for nine years.

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