New educational Centre for Craigmillar


Two new learning centres’ have officially opened in Edinburgh and Glasgow this week and are set to empower thousands of young people to achieve their academic and career ambitions.

The centre’s in Craigmillar and Govan are a ground-breaking collaboration between the University of Edinburgh, the University of Glasgow and education charity IntoUniversity to provide additional educational support to those aged 7-18.

The collaboration will connect young people, who may never have dreamed of going to university, with two of the world’s leading Higher Education Institutions, providing exceptional opportunities to support their learning and nurture their ambitions, whatever those might be.

IntoUniversity Craigmillar is based at The White House. The community café and venue is run by the Community Alliance Trust for the benefit of the Greater Craigmillar Neighborhoods.

IntoUniversity Govan is based at The Pearce Institute in Govan, Glasgow, and a third centre in Maryhill, Glasgow, will be launched in Spring 2022.

Transformational education

Both universities will be involved in all three centre’s in the years to come, motivated by a shared concern for children growing up experiencing poverty and a belief in the power of education to transform young people’s lives.

71% of school leavers who attended existing IntoUniversity centre’s in 2020 went on to progress to university, compared with 26% of students from similar backgrounds nationally.

Working closely with local schools and other agencies including Glasgow and Edinburgh city councils, the centre’s offer ground-breaking support to young people, including after-school academic support, mentoring with university students and local professionals, in-school aspiration-raising workshops and enrichment and work experience opportunities.

The Govan and Craigmillar centres will open to young people in April and once established, each centre will support over 1000 students per year.

The new Scottish centre’s are inclusive of all academic abilities and help young people to achieve a university/college place or another positive destination.

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