Raising Awareness through Training on Green Transition Challenges

By providing a course on Environmental Transition and Societal Issues, Université Paris Cité aims to raise awareness among the student community of the Anthropocene and planetary limitations, equip them with ideas on growth and degrowth, and help them become active players in the green transition.

At a time when the Ministry of Higher Education and Research recommends that, within five years, “100% of learners in the French higher education system should be trained in the green transition,” universities are opting for theoretical scientific teaching, aimed at a community of students studying science.

Université Paris Cité has chosen to offer content that is accessible and understandable to everyone, without any disciplinary prerequisites, by proposing the Environmental Transition and Societal Issues teaching unit (UE).

Reference Link:https://u-paris.fr/en/raising-awareness-through-training-on-green-transition-challenges/