An outsourcing era: UK university procurement notices reveal demand for services

With the majority of universities in the UK classed as public institutions, they are subject to open procurement procedures to ensure fair competition. What this means is a lot of details are shared publicly about the objectives of a university via specific outsourcing projects and plans.

The result is a fascinating glimpse into where the pressure points might be, and a scope on what the outsourcing budget might be for at-need services that are best delivered via a third party.

The PIE has been sifting through the tender process to find out exactly what universities are seeking external help and support for – and how much they are allocating for this in terms of investment.

While this may not be news to some, it will certainly help signpost many in the sector to the bigger deals happening on the ground. We often report on public-private sector partnerships once the deal has been done, however public notices provide an interesting source of extra information including the estimated procurement value, contract length and number of tenders received or considered.

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