Study meteorology – understand weather and climate!


Does the sun shine at the weekend? Is there a storm coming? Are we getting a white Christmas this year? The weather interests many! But what makes this small field of knowledge with a great perspective so exciting, apart from weather forecasting? In the video series "Studying meteorology - understanding the weather and climate!", students, doctoral candidates and researchers explain why they studied meteorology, the challenges they faced, the technologies they work with and what they like about Hamburg.

The meteorologists research the physics of the atmosphere and examine fascinating topics such as climate change, develop complex simulations on supercomputers or evaluate the latest satellite measurements. The video series deals primarily with studying at the University of Hamburg, but also with exciting topics such as how weather forecasts are made or the influence of house facades on the urban climate.

In a total of nine videos, students, doctoral candidates and teachers give an insight into the meteorology degree, report on their own background and show where they work, what they are researching and what methods they use.

A new video will appear every second Wednesday until mid-May on the campaign page " Study meteorology - understand weather and climate!" “. The video "Meteorology in Hamburg" starts today, showing all aspects of why Hamburg is so unique as a meteorology location. The film was made in cooperation with the "University Partnership in Atmospheric Science", an association of all ten university meteorology locations in Germany.

All those who are interested, especially students, are cordially invited to take part in this expedition through the world of weather and climate and maybe we will meet on campus soon?!

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