Support International Students Campaign Launched by University of Helsinki


On Monday 11th October the University of Helsinki launched its Support International Students campaign, which aims to engage organisations and individuals to help the university to attract, support and retain international students in Finland.

The situation is clear. Finland wants to attract the best international talent to its workforce. However, many international students face additional challenges that limit their chances of success in Finland. 

– At the University of Helsinki, we understand many of the challenges international students face. We now need to increase our attention on the solutions, says Vice Rector of the University of Helsinki Hanna Snellman. 

– Today we are proud to launch our Support International Students Campaign, which aims to highlight the challenges international students face, but more importantly, offer solutions and engage external partners who can help us to attract, support and retain international students in Finland.

– Whilst we have made significant progress at the University of Helsinki, we know there is always more we can do. Through collaboration and partnerships between the university and external actors, we believe we can have a positive impact bigger than the sum of our parts and improve the situation for international students in Finland, Snellman says.

– If you or your organisation is interested in international student talent or you’d like to learn more about how you can support our international students, I strongly encourage you to follow our campaign over the course of this week and contact us for more information.

– With your support, we can break down the barriers international students face and help them to thrive during and after their time at university. Join our campaign and Support International Students- for the world!

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