The Czech Republic will be represented in the Falling Walls Lab by a doctoral student from CEITECBUT


Doctoral student Michaela Vojníková from the CEITEC BUT science center became the winner of the national round of the international Falling Walls Lab competition . This graduate of the Faculty of Chemistry at BUT, where she focused on Chemistry for Medical Applications, attracted the attention of the expert jury with her presentation on the topic of reconstruction of damaged nervous systems . With the help of bioceramic materials, it wants to accelerate the regeneration of the peripheral nervous system. "Bioceramic scaffolding with longitudinally oriented pores will help stimulate the correct regeneration of axons, which are protrusions of the nerve cell. By choosing the right material, we can help self-regeneration," Vojníková described the benefits of her research. 

The young scientist studies Advanced Materials and Nanosciences at CEITEC BUT  and works in the team of Vojt?ch Adam, who deals with smart nanotools . "At first I worked on the development of bioceramic scaffolds for bone healing, but gradually I started researching the use of bioceramic materials for nerve tissue engineering. I am also researching nanocarriers for targeted cancer treatment. I would like to develop affordable medical devices for people from all over the world, "Vojníková indicated her plans for the future. According to her, she always liked to spend time in the laboratory, beyond the measured time. She considers science to be her dream profession, in which she would like to continue to improve. 

The Czech final of the international competition took place on September 14, 2021 in the National Technical Library in Prague. Michaela Vojníková will now represent the Czech Republicin the Falling Walls Lab World Final, which will take place on November 7, 2021 in Berlin.

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