Women in Science: EU Records Nearly 7 Million Female Scientists in 2021


According to Eurostat, the European Office for Statistics, the difference in the number of female scientists is 369,800 higher than in the preceding year and the majority of these workers are engaged in the services sector as 46 per cent of scientists and engineers are women, SchengenVisaInfo.com reports.

Furthermore, data show that women represented 28 per cent of all employees in the air transport sectors, while they account for 21 per cent of scientists and engineers. On the other hand, water transport sector records the lowest number of transport sector – eight per cent were female, followed by manufacture of transport equipment (12 per cent) and motor vehicles (13 per cent).

Source: https://www.schengenvisainfo.com/news/women-in-science-eu-records-nearly-7-million-female-scientists-in-2021/