The InnovationS project of the University of Bordeaux, winner of the “ExcellencES” call for projects


The Minister of Higher Education, Research and Innovation, Frederique Vidal announced on Tuesday November 30, 2021 the 15 winners of the “ExcellencES” call for projects to support promising higher education and research institutions ambitious transformation projects. The InnovationS project of the University of Bordeaux will benefit from 24.4 million Euros to intensify the culture and practices of innovation and entrepreneurship in all their forms.

The University of Bordeaux project offers a renewed vision of innovation that integrates social innovation and innovation in the way research is conducted, in organization and administration. Designed to work in synergy with the other major development programs led by the University of Bordeaux, InnovationS is fully in line with its development strategy by 2030.

Implemented over 7 years, it is built around 4 key objectives:

* Develop a distinctive culture of innovation

* Multiply open innovation and entrepreneurship projects

* Strengthen attractiveness as an "innovation campus"

* Promote the development of new scientific ideas and "serendipity".

18 actions were targeted, some of which are expected at the end of the first year of the project.

Three areas are highlighted: health, including digital public health, agro-environment, as well as the sciences and the arts.

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