New psychological support program


The UB has launched a new psychological support program for the university community. The initiative is part of the goal of incorporating well-being, both physical and emotional, into the academic model of the University of Barcelona. Interested individuals access the psychological support program through a web form . Each case is attended to by e-mail or mobile phone by professionals from the UB Psychological Clinic. When assessed as necessary, the possibility is offered to refer the person to another type of intervention in this same clinic.

Since the launch of the program last September 15, a total of 78 people have filled out the web form. In sixteen cases, it was not possible to contact them, so 62 people were finally treated. Of these, eighteen have been recommended to contact the UB Psychological Clinic to receive therapy. 90% of the people served by the new program are undergraduate and master's degree students, almost 8% are doctoral students, and 2.6% are PAS members. The most common reasons for consultation are anxiety and depressive symptoms.

Admission to the University involves several transition periods that lead to high levels of anxiety, require a period of adjustment, and can affect students ’mental health. In addition, there are some groups that are particularly vulnerable, such as people with previous mental health problems, those from disadvantaged backgrounds, foreign students, and LGTBI + students. On the other hand, the university community has also been affected by the psychological situation of the pandemic. In short, the University, like the rest of society, is subject to different sources of stress and psychological distress.

In this context, although the UB already had tools for the emotional support of the university community, it has been decided to strengthen the work in this area and develop new resources such as the program that is now being launched.

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