Medicine: new masters in AI, machine learning and robotic assistance


Two second level masters in the medical-health sector are held at the State University which focuses on technology to train professionals with highly specialized skills.

The University of Milan has opened the call for two second level masters in the medical-health area:  Artificial intelligence and machine learning in cancer medicine and Robot-assisted urological surgery. For both, applications for admission expire on 6 October 2021.

Artificial intelligence and machine learning in cancer medicine

The objective of the master is the definition of a training path that  generates professional figures with skills in the implementation of Artificial Intelligence resources in the medical-health field  (with particular focus on  oncological medicine ), to develop the ability to adopt new technologies to improve the activities  of diagnosis, intervention and organization  in the various medical specializations and promoting innovative ideas and contributions for investment and entrepreneurship in the Artificial Intelligence sector  at the service of public health.

The training project is aimed at understanding the main algorithms and methods and the challenges of implementing Artificial Intelligence in the Health context. The selected figures will acquire the analytical tools necessary for the management of clinical and genomic data, for the implementation of  Molecula Tumor Boards  in healthcare facilities, for the development of decision making algorithms   in the medical-health sector. The master also aims at training on the use of Artificial Intelligence platforms and includes learning advanced data analysis methodologies, for a better understanding of the functions of Artificial Intelligence itself, machine learning, data mining. And predictive analytics in the clinical setting.

The master includes lectures, analysis of case studies and seminars, for  a total of 510 hours, in addition to 250 hours of internship. There are 25 places available; there is time until October 6 to submit the application for admission.

Robot-assisted urological surgery

The course aims to train participants to operate in the field of  urological robotic surgery , providing theoretical and practical knowledge in the field of minimally invasive surgery  , in all its aspects, from the organization of the operating room, to the surgical operation, up to to the perioperative management of the patient.

In particular, the master aims to provide specific knowledge of urological surgical anatomy, theoretical and practical knowledge necessary for  the treatment of benign and malignant urological pathologies with a robotic-assisted laparoscopic approach , the learning of the different surgical accesses for the treatment of urological pathology , knowledge of intra- and postoperative surgical complications and their timely management and finally the knowledge and acquisition of the principles of health economics and bioethics.

The training course includes lectures, case studies and seminars, also delivered in e-learning mode, for a total of  500 hours. The activities are completed by 250 hours of internship.

There are 20 places available, admission applications expire on 6 October.

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