124 million for first phase Circular Plastics NL


The government has definitively approved the first phase of Circular Plastics NL and is investing EUR 124 million from the Growth Fund. With the implementation of Circular Plastics NL, the government, companies and knowledge institutions are making an effort to achieve the circularity goals of recycling 50% of all plastics by 2030. They also strive for less plastics to go to waste incineration. The investment gives a strong impulse to Northern partnerships such as the University of the North, in which the University of Groningen is an important partner.

With Circular Plastics NL, the parties fight climate change, reduce the use of fossil raw materials and reduce environmental pollution. This will strengthen the sustainable earning capacity of the Netherlands. 

Reference Link:https://www.rug.nl/news/2022/07/124-miljoen-voor-eerste-fase-circulaire-plastics-nl