Marmara University Göztepe Girls' Dormitory Opened


Marmara University has a new dormitory for girls. In line with the cooperation between Marmara University and GYODER, the building that was previously used by the School of Banking and Insurance on Göztepe Campus was converted into a girls' dormitory and opened as Marmara University Göztepe Girls' Dormitory.

Governor of Istanbul Ali Yerlikaya, Rector of Marmara University Prof. Dr. Mustafa Kurt, GYODER Chairman of the Board Mehmet Kalyoncu and many guests from the business world, as well as university administrators and students.

In his opening speech, Istanbul Governor Ali Yerlikaya said, “In addition to its historical beauties, Istanbul, which has been a university city since 1453, has nearly 825,000 university students as of today. In higher education, an area where we compete with the world, we, as the Istanbul city administration, are constantly striving for the accommodation of the students. Simultaneously, we are trying to come up with solutions by meeting with our YÖK President and our Rectors. Istanbul, the 13th largest metropolis of the world, currently has a capacity of 101,108 people for our students. It is important that our universities and YÖK act by considering the need for accommodation of universities in Istanbul to open new quotas and approach the issue carefully. Ministry of Youth and Sports with the title of dormitory, We will continue to produce solutions by holding meetings with the YÖK Presidency and Rectorates. We want to increase the capacity that currently meets the needs of 101,108 people," he said. Stating that the students staying in the dormitories on the campus go to school on foot, but 80% of the students in Istanbul use public transportation to go to school from the dormitory, Yerlikaya stated that this should be reversed by increasing the number of dormitories on or near the campus.

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