Design and modeling 3D objects - VTECH Erasmus+ Project


In the framework of VTECH Erasmus+ Project where EPOKA University participates as a partner institution, the Summer School was held on July 05-09, 2021, at the premises of Universiteti për Biznes dhe Teknologji in Kosovo. In this summer school, student from 6 different universities were trained by representatives OF  UNIVERSITY OF LJUBLJANA, UNIVERSITY OF TECHNOLOGY and UNIVERSITY OF TARTU.

The purpose of this training was to equip students with skills to use platforms for 3D modeling like Blender, applying and using these models as objects on Unity, in addition to providing students with immersive learning experiences and the ability to inspire students’ creativity and spark their imaginations.

During this training students learned about the importance of design and modeling 3D objects, why we should care about the details and how to create objects that represent real life entities in virtual reality. One of the most important things that they learned was that as proven by history, even a simple design flaw can cause an extremely costly disaster!

In the second part of this training students learned about the rules and methods of creating real life 3D models for an ideal VR experience. Each group of students designed a coffee cup and a coffee machine model, using their creativity and testing their designing skills. In the third part students put their designed objects on Unity and edit them with textures and different animations with the aim to bring users a real-life experience when using these models. They tried the effects of bad Blender design using Oculus glasses and continued the work on Oculus Quest 2.

During the last day, groups finished their Blender objects and their modified Unity projects successfully. Each group presented their ideas as a final completed project that made use of all the concepts they had been presented with up to that point.

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