Bogazici's cooperation with European universities will be strengthened with CoLearn


With the CoLearn project funded by the European Union, Bogazici University, Radboud University and Bonn University will work together to improve the digital competencies of university faculty members. In the project, which is based on the digital competence framework called DigCompEdu, proposed by the European Union for educators, a program will be designed that supports teams consisting of faculty members who can teach the same course to construct and create online courses together.

With the CoLearn project, coordinated by Bogazici University and funded under the European Union Erasmus+ Program, efforts will be made to improve the digital competencies of university faculty members. The project, which started in June 2021, is expected to take 2 years.

“Using changing technologies in the service of learning will also be important after COVID”

The Director of the Teaching and Learning Center and a faculty member of the Department of Computer and Instructional Technologies, Assoc. Dr. Diler Oner states that the digital transformation in higher education has accelerated with the COVID-19 outbreak. Oner also draws attention to the difficulties that the epidemic created for faculty members: “The COVID-19 pandemic has posed serious challenges for faculty who are expected to transfer their in-person lectures online in a very short time. The level of digital competencies of educators was decisive in ensuring the continuity of education at universities. In the post-COVID period, the ability to use constantly changing technologies in the service of learning will continue to be important. When creating this project, we addressed this fundamental problem and thought about how we can support faculty members to develop their digital competencies.”

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