UE is the first German university to open a new campus in the United Arab Emirates: The new campus i

The University of Europe for Applied Sciences is opening a new campus in Dubai's hip Future District and will start its first-degree programmes as early as this autumn. Up to 1,300 students from all over the world will be able to study, network, and plan their future together in an area of around 1,000 square meters.

7 courses of study bring top university education to the Gulf region

The quality of German university education is brought to the United Arab Emirates within the framework of 7 courses of study: Data Science*, Software Engineering*, Visual and Experience Design*, Innovation Design Management as well as an MBA with specializations offered as Master's study programmes. In addition, there are two Bachelor's degree programmes, Business Management Studies and Digital Business & Data Science.

These courses will start first this September on the brand new campus. The other courses will be available from March 2024 onwards. 

Reference Link: https://www.ue-germany.com/news-centre/news-articles/ue-goes-dubai