France hits 400,000 int’l student mark

France has recorded the highest growth in international students in over 15 years and now exceeds the 400,000 mark, Campus France has announced.

This week – the week of ‘la rentreé’ in France, when the new academic year begins – Campus France shared the news that, according to latest statistics from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the number of foreign students enrolled in France increased by 8% in the academic year 2021/22.

Now, the total number of international students in France, including apprentices in higher education, sits at 400,026, due to the highest growth seen since 2005.

2018 strategy has a target of attracting half a million international students to the country by 2027, and launched an international campaign in 2019.

“All along the pandemic, France has shown itself to be an open and welcoming country towards international students, which can have a lasting impact on some international communities,” said Olivier Marichalar, head of studies at Campus France.

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