International students awarded a fifth of places at top UK universities


The Russell Group has awarded a fifth of places at its 24 institutions across the UK to overseas students, it has emerged.

This year’s A-level results left many pupils scrambling for places at universities through clearing due to a drop in top marks.

The Conservative-led government’s bid to tackle grade inflation resulted in exams marked harder this year, leaving large a lot of school-leavers disappointed in their results.

Exams were held this year for the first time since before the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, with pupils graduating in the last two years graded by their teachers.

About 34,000, or 22.4 per cent, of the 152,000 places at Britain’s top universities have been allotted to international students.


Learners coming from abroad pay higher fees than UK students.

The Russell Group includes Oxford, Cambridge, Cardiff, Edinburgh and Southampton universities, as well as leading London institutions such as King’s, Imperial, UCL and Queen Mary.

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