UGR scientists improve the diagnosis and treatment of lung cancer


Several research teams from the University of Granada (UGR) have made public the results of different scientific works on lung cancer, coinciding with the International Day of this disease, which is commemorated this Sunday, August 1, and which continues to be the most diagnosed type of cancer in the world and the one with the highest mortality. Only in Spain there were more than 22,000 deaths per year from lung cancer (according to data provided by the National Institute of Statistics for the year 2018), being by far the cancer that causes the most deaths in Spain.

At the UGR there are many research groups that, from different fields and scientific disciplines, investigate this disease, together with the Center for Biomedical Research (CIBM), the Institute for Biosanitary Research ibs.Granada and the Pfizer Center-University of Granada- Andalusian Board of Genomics and Oncology Research (GENYO).

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