Malta University Press partners with Project MUSE for international e-book distribution


Malta University Press will commence the production of e-books and their international digital distribution thanks to a new agreement with Johns Hopkins University Press that opens the doors for University of Malta publications to the worldwide scholarly community via the Project MUSE platform.

This agreement with Project MUSE – a world leader in digital scholarly publishing – gives Malta University Press authors unprecedented access to a global network of libraries and institutions.

Malta University Press publications will join MUSE’s extensive catalogue of academic titles, which are bundled into collections according to regional studies or subject matter tailor made for libraries as well as individual consumers. E-books can also be purchased individually on Project MUSE’s digital rights platform, creating new streams of book marketing and exposure.

Malta University Press will still produce print publications into conventional series and digital publications are not intended to replace standard print output. However, this agreement will enable international distribution that would otherwise not be available in the traditional print format.

“The production of e-books, alongside traditional book formats, will enable scholars to search books in a much more accessible manner and thereby facilitating not only the distribution, but also the actual usability of our volumes,” said Malta University Press Chair Professor Jean-Paul Baldacchino. “The development of our e-book wing represents part of our overall strategy aimed at increasing the visibility and distribution of our publications.”

“Peer review is a fundamental pillar in academic publishing and an essential quality assurance standard for scholarly output,” explained Professor Baldacchino. “It is only thanks to the assurance provided by such output that we are able to feature in such a prestigious platform as Project MUSE.”

Other initiatives that Malta University Press are currently working on include the development of an online store with international distribution for print publications and the redevelopment of its website. The aim is to turn Malta University Press into the premiere academic press for Malta-related academic works featuring both local and international authors.

Thanks to strategic partnerships with Berghahn Publishers, the Press is also developing a book series with a regional Mediterranean focus aiming to establish Malta University Press as an authoritative voice on scholarship in and of the Mediterranean.

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