Collaboration in Turku higher education – Health Campus is strengthening Turku’s position as a top c


Turku is known for its higher education institutions, Turku University Hospital, and as a hub for pharmaceutical companies. For a long time, the city has been a collaboration platform for several contributors in research and education and birthplace of new innovations. Health care competence in Turku is, in many respects, of the top quality in Finland.

Since 2016, the collaboration of health care contributors has been supported by Health Campus Turku network. The network is actively looking for new operating models in the national and international health care forums and is building a shared infrastructure in the Turku economic area.

– Life sciences and health care are developing rapidly as new technologies emerge. Therefore, the focus of our new collaboration projects is on health technology and its research, development, and education, says Development Director of Health Campus Turku Leena Setälä.